MSC Engineering design and build mixing and blending equipment that can achieve rapid fine interspersement of materials

Ribbon Mixer Specifications:

Ribbon Mixers
Available a range of sizes and made from mild steel or stainless steel.
A proven machine manufactured to fine tolerances.

Ribbon Mixers are Ideal for dry materials where rapid fine mixing of small percentages of critical ingredients with bulk material is required. Operation is clean and dust less. Single or double ribbon and paddle type agitators are available to suit specific applications.

Continuous Double Agitator Mixer Specifications:


Continuous Double Agitator Mixer
Acclaimed as the most versatile of mixers.

These horizontal machines will handle continuous mixing of materials from dry to those with substantial liquid contents. Capacities are up to 60 cub. metres per hour.

Y Blender

Vertical Mixers



Typical Sizes
(Cu. M)

These mixers save floor space and power, are easily loaded and self cleaning.
A special ‘Thru-Flo’ baffle ensures uniform mixing and recirculation of materials.

General Options (all mixers)

Cooling and heating jackets

Heavy duty construction

Discharge slide and plug gates

‘Bomb Door’ opening of troughs

Special mounting arrangements

Surge / dump hoppers