Trough sections and casings can be folded up to 4 metres long and up to 12 mm thick.

Materials include mild steel, bisalloy, stainless steel, 3CR12 and 5CR12.

Free quotations are available for standard and special requirements.

Standard Screw Conveyor Trough
general purpose use


Flared Screw Conveyor Trough
design suited for under bin and under hopper use.
Conveying of light bulky materials.

Deep Screw Conveyor Trough
suitable for low density products such as feathers,
dried grasses, light mash products.

Flared Screw Conveyor Trough
basic design for handling light bulky materials.

Hold Down ‘U’ Shape Auger Trough
the main use for this design is in the meat and rendering industry.

Flared Auger Trough with Hold Down
generally used in the meat processing and
rendering industry; flared for large lump conveying.

Hexagonal Screw Conveyor Trough
specially suited for the wood waste industry
to prevent wedging and slippage of product.

Screw Conveyor Split Casing
removable for cleaning purposes.

Auger Trough Lid – domed
(included as free quote option)

Auger Trough Lid – hex peaked
(included as free quote option)

Auger Trough Lid – peaked
(included as free quote option)

Auger Trough Lid – flat
(included as free quote option)